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terms and conditions

The website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. They are a legally binding contract between you and us.

Throughout this and other pages of the Website, we have used the terms “we,” “us,” and “ours”; they refer to us, Dent Miracle, while the words “you” and “yours” refer to the user of the Website. 

Please take a few moments out of your time and read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly. If you continue using this Website, it constitutes your agreement with the Terms and Conditions.

You may only proceed further if you agree with one section or the whole Terms and Conditions.

Section 1 – Electronic Contract

The Terms and Conditions, collectively referred to as the Agreement, is an electronic contract between you and us and defines our relationship with each other. Since the web is an ever-changing landscape, we will try our best to keep this Agreement updated. We may or may not inform you of the changes beforehand.

Therefore, you must acknowledge that:
1.    This Agreement is subject to change.
2.    It is your responsibility to check for the updated versions of this Agreement.
3.    Your use of the Website or Services after the changes have been implemented constitutes your agreement with the Terms and Conditions.

Section 2 – Your Rights Related to the Website’s Content

The content, including, without limitation, images, text, artwork, and graphics, is the sole property of Dent Miracle; it is protected by trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws of Australia. Unless we give you written approval, you may not use the content for personal or commercial purposes.

In addition, you may not:
•    Modify
•    Reproduce
•    Upload
•    Transmit
•    Sell
•    Exploit
•    Copy
•    Republish
•    Post
•    Translate
•    Distribute 
The material in any way.

If you wish to use the content without infringing our copyright laws, please discuss it by sending a message to

Section 3 – Hyperlinks 

You may find links to third parties on our Website, such as our social media profiles. We have placed them to make it easier to communicate with us, and their inclusion does not necessarily mean our endorsement.

Those links are governed by different terms and conditions, and you must read them thoroughly before visiting. Failure to do so may incur loss or damages, for which Dent Miracle will not be held responsible.

In addition to voluntarily placing hyperlinks on our Website, we allow certain institutions to do so without requesting our approval. They include:

•    Government/law agencies
•    Search engines
•    Online publications
•    News organizations
•    Internet portals

However, we only allow the above-mentioned institutions to place hyperlinks if they abide by the following rules:

•   The information in the links should be correct, timely, and accurate
•   The hyperlinks shouldn’t contain elements of sponsorship or advertising
•   The links should be placed by the owners themselves, and no party should act on someone else’s behalf

If hyperlinks placed on our Website do not follow the guidelines, we reserve the right to reject them.

Section 4 – Prohibited Use of the Website

By continuing to surf and browse this Website, you agree not to:

•    Use software through which you intend to modify, remove, or alter its content
•    Use it in a manner prohibited by the Australian Government
•    Disrupt or interfere with another user’s experience or interaction
•    Collect the information posted by other users
•    Upload, post, or distribute images, videos, and the artwork you do not have the right to use
•    Send spam to the users of the Website or the owners and employees of Dent Miracle
•    Post obscene, derogatory, defaming, racist, or otherwise objectionable content
•    Persuade other users to give out their information, especially minors
•    Impersonate another person unless they have specifically told you to do so

Section 5 – Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us, and we take all the necessary measures to protect it in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. When you use we may ask you to provide basic information, like your name, email address, and phone number.

In addition to the information you provide, we collect your details through various technological means. To learn how we do that and with whom we share your data, please read our Privacy Policy, where we have discussed everything in detail. 

Dent Miracle will never sell, share, or rent your personal information in ways not written explicitly in our Privacy Policy. 

Section 6 – Copyright and Trademark Notices

At Dent Miracle, we have profound respect for the writers, photographers, and videographers who create exceptional work. Unfortunately, many individuals use the material illegally on their websites and other places. 

If you have reason to believe that our Website consists of material that belongs to you or another agency/individual, please connect with us immediately. While doing so, make sure to include the following:

•    Your full name, email address, and phone number
•    Screenshot of the material that you claim is yours or someone else’s
•    If you are acting on someone else’s behalf, please ask them to write a written approval 
•    Legal proof that the material belongs to you (or the other person if they have requested you to file a copyright violation claim)

After gathering the documents, please e-sign the email and send it to We reserve the right to reject your copyright violation claim if one or more documents are missing from the email.

Section 7 – Our Relationship

Dent Miracle is a service-based company, and the nature of our relationship with clients is similar to every business that operates in the same capacity. Therefore, by visiting this Website or hiring our services, you do not become a partner or employee of Dent Miracle.

If you are interested in working with us as an employee, vendor, or partner, please get in touch with our team; we will try to accommodate you at the best of our knowledge and capacity. 

Section 8 – Termination

You acknowledge that we may terminate your connection with the Website at any moment and our own will. Although we are not liable to disclose the reason for doing so, it might be because you needed to follow the Terms and Conditions properly.

Section 9 – Contact Information

If you have questions about these Terms and Conditions, please send them to

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