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A Professional Auto Dent Repairer in Adelaide

A Professional Auto Dent Repairer in Adelaide

Auto Dent and Hail Repairs Specialist

Free hail damage assessment available for insurance or private purposes

We fix dents

We have professional experience and knowledge of how to fix dents via PDR.

Got Dents? Get Auto Dent Repairs in No Time.

Dent Miracle can repair dents at a fraction of the cost of what others will charge. Reach out to us to get a quick free quote.

Dent Miracle approaches each customer with care, focusing on the standard of repair with highest quality. Dent Miracle will not compromise on the quality of service and will repair to it's original factory finish.

Dent Miracle has been doing dent repairs for over 10 years, constantly learning and improving our skills with precisely crafted tools that are specifically designed and used only for repairing dents and door dings.

At Dent Miracle we pride ourselves in prompt and reliable service, and customer satisfaction is our passion. We implement a strict 'no drilling holes policy', and complete the repairs only using the factory access holes. The glue pull method is used if no factory access holes.

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auto dent repair


Minor dents

Door dents


Big and complex 


About Us

Auto Dent Repair at its Finest

Dent Miracle PDR services around Adelaide suburbs area.

Dent Miracle have 10 years plus experience and constantly learning new technique and skills to repairs dents. As the automotive technology evolve so is our techniques.

Dent Miracle strive for perfection, our aim to restore the condition of the dents to its original factory finish, as if the dents was never there.

Dent Miracle will maintain the values to your car by removing those unsightly dents.

Dent Miracle aim is to save our customers unnecessary cost of time and expenses by fixing the damages with alternative option, often your car can be out of action for weeks, even only for small damages.

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